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Secure healthcare for those in need, minimizing illness

Develop and deploy advanced technologies to increase efficiency and affordability (SDGs #9)
Increase access to basic healthcare services to ensure universal healthcare coverage (SDGs #3)
Design a sustainable social business model to create new employment opportunity (SDGs #1,2,5,8)
Build partnerships with academia, industry and government (SDGs #17)
Organize and attend academic conference and events (SDGs #17)

About PHC

Portable Health Clinic (PHC) system is a remote healthcare system that uses the functions of both eHealth and telemedicine systems. A set of sensors (thermometer, blood tester, urine tester etc.) to measure health status and GramHealth Client software tool to collect healthcare data and transmit to the server. A licensed healthcare worker to operate the portable health clinic box, take healthcare data, and explain the results and prescriptions from the doctor.

Expansion of PHC Services​​

Research Topics

Versatile researches are going on…

PHC researchers say...

Some of our experienced researchers sharing some of their thought...

Ashir Ahmed Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

PHC redesigns our healthcare delivery mechanism

Naoki Nakashima Director, Medical Information Center, Kyushu University Hospital

PHC has its potential in developed countries too

Rafiqul Islam Maruf Associate Professor, Kyushu University Hospital

PHC reduces number of patients by preventing illness.

Takuzo Osugi Associate Professor, Kyoto Sangyo University

PHC advocates for a social business model, fostering social impact and ensuring sustainability.