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Vision & Mission



Why Unreached Community? Where is the problem?

Response from Academia: Design of a Portable Health Clinic

Portable Health Clinic: How does it work?

Table 1: Four major components for Portable Health Clinic System
Symbol Name Description
Portable Health Clinic Box A set of sensors (thermometer, blood tester, urine tester etc.) to measure health status and GramHealth Client software tool to collect healthcare data and transmit to the server.
Healthcare worker A licensed healthcare worker to operate the portable health clinic box, take healthcare data, and explain the results and prescriptions from the doctor.
GramHealth Server A cloud based software system to archive personal health records, produce statistics and provide healthcare tips to individuals.
Telemedicine Center A physical or virtual call center with connected licensed doctors.

Figure 1: Triage system to identify and classify patients

Figure 2: PHC Operational Architecture

Expansion of PHC Services

Geographical Expansion of PHC

Modular Expansion of PHC

PHC for COVID-19

Figure 3: PHC operational steps during pandemic situation

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