Tri-party MoU Signing on Joint Research Program using Portable Health Clinic (PHC) System

On May 10, 2021 – A tri-party agreement has been signed between Grameen Communications, Bangladesh, Kyushu University, Japan and Hospital University Malaysia Sabah (HUMS), Malaysia in order to conduct a pilot study to improve knowledge, behaviors, and health status related to non-communicable diseases using Portable Health Clinic (PHC) system at Kudat, Sabah province of Malaysia. The duration of this trial period will be for 2 (two) years.

The objective of this study is to improve Kudat community people’s health awareness, knowledge, behaviors, and health status. This will be multiple cross sectional study on cohort group of people.

According to this joint agreement, HUMS will start clinical and business trial at the field level using PHC from the beginning of July, 2021 and Global Communication Center (GCC) of Grameen Communications is providing technical support on PHC system.